Open Studio Tour

Sunday,  May 15th  2016     11am-6pm      Free

Our Sixth Open Studio Tour will be on May 15th, 2016 THANK YOU ALL for another unforgettable event showcasing the Art and Artists that make up the soul of Venice.



Ivo Vergara

Address Art Studio : 361 Vernon ave Stud...

About ArtBlock


Mission Statement

Venice ArtBlock is a collective organized by artists for artists to create a greater sense of community, our own independent relationship to the public, and to increase our city’s awareness of the vitality and importance of the arts in Venice, a unique, diverse neighborhood WHICH IS undergoing extremely rapid gentrification that is eliminating our studios.

“This is a long overdue program for all Venice artists to be able to expose their work to our community, to meet each other, and create a more intimate community for all Venice artists.”

 Emily Winters – Co-founder, Venice Arts Council.


To forge an identity as a group through the hosting of art events, exhibitions and studio tours.

To Promote the development of the visual arts in Venice Beach by inspiring and encouraging creative endeavors within the local community.

To strengthen the bonds of friendship AMONG the artist community.

To develop ways of engaging and encouraging the development of art in the community and to make ourselves, art, and studios more accessible to the public.


About Us


After a multiple highly successful events we are continuing and expanding our Venice ArtBlock Open Studios event to include over 70 artists and special exhibits from 11-6 centered at Fourth Street and Sunset Avenue.

ArtBlock is an artist run coalition which was created after the Open Studio Tour was eliminated from the traditional route of the annual Venice Art Walk and Auctions. ArtBlock aspires to preserve and expand access to the arts in Venice through the Open Studio tour by giving free, public access to established studios and to many new emerging artist’s spaces tucked away throughout the neighborhood.

“This is a long overdue program for all Venice artists to be able to expose their work to our community, to meet each other, and create a more intimate community for all Venice artists.” Emily Winters, Co-founder, Venice Arts Council.

It is a unique opportunity to experience local artists creative environments and personal work, allowing the public to see art where it’s made, and to meet and talk to the artists in an informal setting, developing relationships and discovering great local art.

Venice is a city that has been known for it’s strong support of its artists.

As Sandy Bleifer of the ArtBlock, says, “Venice has always been such a community with its high tolerance for diversity of origins, ethnicity, ideology, and expressions.”

This event creates a direct opportunity to solidify, expand, and experience the arts in a way that few other venues can offer. “It’s amazing how creatives are tucked away in all the nooks and crannies of Venice, invisible to the naked eye…..Come discover the hidden Venice….” -Pamela Weir-Quiton, Artblock artist.

The JUNE 7TH Venice ArtBlock promises to again be an inspiring day. Flags will mark the participating studios and plans are being made for food and drinks, parking for the event, as well maps and transportation between blocks of studios. Come on out!

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Read the Abbot Kinney First Fridays Article on ARTBLOCK


Selected quotes from past articles

“Every person I ran into along the way raved about how excellent this event was, and how wonderful that it was free and open to absolutely anyone, not just those who can cough up the steep admission price of the official Art Walk. It somehow felt more REAL too … like art for art’s sake, not necessarily profit, though work was being sold, and perhaps as importantly, being seen, learned and known about. The community was out in force, great conversations were being had, and every artist I encountered was beaming with the success of the day … and the FUN!”


“Artblock was in fact SO cool, that I have to imagine they’re already plotting the next one. And you should be there. It’s the REAL deal. Thank you to all the artists involved, for inviting us all into your creative spaces, and for being there in the first place. Venice needs you!!! Sincerely, Thanks.”


“We wrapped up our walkabout of art, with plenty left unseen for the future. The Art Block is pure Venice. PURE. You should stop at nothing to be there – and delighted – by the next one. I’ll look forward to bumping into you … in the name of art … under the sign of Venice.”


“Artists have come together to support and promote each others’ works in a true grassroots and awesome event that is not only free monetarily, but artistically and sociologically, in true Venice fashion. I was inspired and proud all day long.”


“Everything was walkable if you really meant it (and we did), but there were buses and pedicabs if your energy waned at all. Ours did not, and we got around. And STILL didn’t manage to see it all!” -Blogtown by C.J Gronner







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